Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Christmas is approaching and a Christmas tree is a necessity especially with Tim missing the past two Christmases. We headed to the PX parking lot where Boy Scouts were selling freshly cut trees. The pickings were slim but we figured since we probably will not even be here for Christmas, we just needed something for the Christmas spirit. We had to buy 220v lights along with ornaments and a tree skirt. Yet another reason I am wanting my household goods so badly.

We returned home and turned our "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" into our very FIRST Christmas tree together. It certainly isn't a Griswold tree..."Little Full, Lots of Sap" but it is ours!

The job of organizing the lights is never fun.

Tim looks quite "Grinch-Like" staring at this ornament.

I am smiling but really thinking that our tree would look better with white lights. Starting with Christmas 2011 (Tim will be gone for Christmas 2010), we decided we will have two Christmas trees and we will decorate our own. This way, we are both happy!

Oh Christmas Tree... how lovely are your branches (however you would look way better with white lights!).

One of our Christkindlesmarkt purchases...a pyramid!

Another purchase... a smoker. It smokes incense. This isn't Amsterdam people!


Sara said...

my grandmother had a very big version of the wooden house thingy. Hers was about 7 tiers with tons of moveable parts. I used to stare at it for hours. I didn't know it likely came from germany though!

And I like white lights. Though I am also always a fan of prelit and fake for simplicity!

Debbie said...

I love your Christmas tree!

Sandra said...

I would like one of those Christmas Pyramid things. Must ask sister who is there to pick one up for me. Thanks so much for sharing the photo so I know what one looked like. =)