Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Visit to Amberg

Last Sunday, we headed to Amberg ( with our friends. We started with lunch at an Italian restaurant named “Imperatore”. It was delicious! I had a pepperoni, tomato, and banana pepper pizza with a crispy crust. Tim had tortellini in a crème sauce. Yet another amazing Italian meal in Germany! Maybe one of these days we will try German food again. Here are some more tidbits about dining in Germany. First, there is no such thing as free refills on your beverages even if you are enjoying water which you must pay for. Plus there is no ice in your beverages so it is extremely common to drink warm soda unless the bottle of soda was refrigerated before it was served. I am learning to drink slowly and not finish my drink before the meal is served.

After lunch, we headed to Amberg’s Marktplatz (Market Place). It is very common that stores close on Sundays for a day of worship and rest. However we enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets, looking through the store’s windows, and being surrounded by so much history.

The Late-Gothic Parish Church of St. Martin

A river runs through the Market Place.

Walking the narrow cobblestone streets. The tower of the Late-Gothic Parish Church of St. Martin is behind us.

Tim enjoying his very first German pretzel!

Gothic Town Hall (built in 1358)

This is the town's pharmacy...An Apotheke.

The Market Place's Christmas tree... we will have to return once it is decorated!



Jann said...

I'm loving touring Germany with you! Thanks!

Megan said...

hmm... didnt know Friar Tuck drank beer! :)

LOVING the pics!

Sara said...

The no ice, and no refills thing is common just about anywhere outside the US. But the alcohol is generally cheaper than water, so there is an upside.

Beautiful little town!

Betty said...

when you and Tim get a chance to go to Italy you should try the German food. You might like it there.

Debbie said...

I love all of the character/history that Amberg has...the unique, detailed buildings, cobblestone streets, a river running through the city! Right now I am not so happy about living in Columbus, seems rather boring here.

As Jann commented I, too, am touring Germany with you...thank you!