Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting Settled

We are finally getting into the swing of things. Our days have been busy and we are adjusting to life in Germany. On November 17th, Tim’s Jeep arrived from being shipped. Just to give you an idea of shipping times. We shipped his Jeep from Dallas on the September 29th and just got it. However we were able to track the shipment of our POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) and we believe it sat at a German port for several weeks. Obviously the shipping company was not concerned about delivering the vehicle as soon as possible. Luckily we only had to rent our car for a week.

Tim's Jeep with European License Plates.

Another good note is that we have a home! When we went to housing on the 12th, we were informed they only had an apartment on post or a home in a German community about twenty minutes away. We had no desire to see the apartment so the house it was! On the 16th, we met a housing representative at the home. The house is a townhome. There are about 30 townhomes surrounded by German homes. The only disappointment was that there is no garage, no fireplace, and the parking it rather dreadful. But the positive note, we are next door neighbors with our friends from Fort Polk. We seriously share a wall. Plus when Tim deploys, I will be surrounded with other Army wives which will provide a great support system.

Our front door...

Our back door and yard...Can you see the the small amount of parking? Right now since we only have one car, we are doing okay with parking. Imagine once we have two!

The townhome is three stories. The first floor has the family room which is connected to the dining room. There is a half bath along with an entry way and a storage closet. The kitchen is rather small so we are already brainstorming how to fit everything in it. The second floor has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I wish the master bedroom was larger since we have a king bed along with several pieces of furniture. I am pretty sure one of the dressers will have to go in the hallway. The third floor has a laundry room, a storage closet, and two small rooms plus the attic. I know several people have requested pictures and I assure you once our furniture arrives, and we get settled, there will be numerous pictures.

Tim is already raking the leaves.

A view from our third floor window. It looks out to the town.

Tim is already back to work and working long hours. I was use to his school schedule at Fort Sill so I need to get use to not seeing him until 6pm or later. He is really excited with his job position and speaks highly about all the soldiers he directly works with. I am happy to know that he is adjusting well to his new work environment.

As for me, I am not working at the moment. We special ordered my car and it is not due to arrive till the end of January. So until then, I will be carless. However I have enough to keep me busy in regards to the home. Once I have a car, my plan is to become a substitute. Hopefully that will help me get my foot in the door and next year I will be able to get a position at one of the elementary schools on post.

Yesterday afternoon, we had our first official visitors. Tim’s boss, the Squadron Commander, along with his wife and daughter came to our home to welcome us to Germany. They were a wealth of information when it comes to traveling Europe. They even brought us a welcome basket with several German goodies along with some other thoughtful items like candles. Tim was blown away by the kindness of the SCO (Squardon Commander). This is not typical practice so it just shows the personal interest his family has with new arrivals and demonstrates his extraordinary leadership.

The thoughtful basket.

Last night, we experienced our very first restaurant where the waiter spoke no English and the menu was completely in German. Luckily what we ordered was completely edible and somewhat delicious. However we decided we needed to get a pocket German/English dictionary so we do not feel so clueless.

Today is Thanksgiving. We went to the Dining Facility on post with our friends. There was no way I was going to attempt to cook when my kitchen accessories only include paper plates and plastic utensils. Have I mentioned that I am counting down the days till my stuff arrives?

Eating at the Dining Facility for Thanksgiving was not too bad however being home with our families would have been even better!

As I end this post, we would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to our family and friends. We are so thankful for the love and support you give us and we wish you a happy holiday season!



Jann said...

Lovin' it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara said...

your house looks so cute!

RachelleRN said...

So glad you got Tim's Jeep! What car are you getting? Can't wait to see pics of your house fully furnished!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Amanda ( a little late)... sounds like everything's coming right along... will pray your stuff arrives "pronto"!! God bless you my friend!!

Gigikay said...

OH, I am so glad to find your blog. It looks like you are adjusting and I am so glad you know you neighbors. The house sounds great and an attic too. Wow. I will check back often. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

~Me~ said...

Sounds very exciting! Thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait to see whats are doing great!